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The use of Industrial Rope Access in construction is very cost effective, especially when compared to traditional access methods, where access costs, may be disproportionate to the work required. This is particularly true in situations where there is difficult access, higher work positions or frequent numbers of setups for positioning of the work.

The strength of Ropelink's multi-skilled workforce is often illustrated on large and complex structures. If consulted during the early stage of a project, Ropelink can often generate considerable cost savings and operational flexibility.

Our services are particularly suited to installation and maintenance work on critical or delicate structures due to our ability to deploy rapidly and have minimal load bearing.

Ropelink provides a cost-effective and convenient alternative to other forms of access.

Most types of Construction can be undertaken using Industrial Rope access including:

  • Selective demolition
  • Containment netting and pinning
  • Concrete/masonry/waterproofing repairs
  • In-situ concrete casting
  • Brick and block laying
  • Wall openings and closures
  • Curtain wall, cladding and glazing
  • Preparation and coating applications
  • General maintenance and repairs
  • Sealing and cauking

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