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       Company Information What is Rope Access? Code of Practice & Safety Benefits of Rope Access

Industrial Rope Access combines specialized technical skills and equipment which originated in the activities of mountaineering and caving with further development for industrial use. It provides safe access to structures by means of descending and ascending as well as lateral movement by climbing on suspended or tensioned ropes.

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Our services are a cost effective alternative to traditional forms of inspection and contracting. In some cases, our access solutions are complementary to the conventional systems, providing a multi-faceted solution to our clients.

Small, highly organized and fully equipped teams of Ropelink personnel can be mobilized to any site speedily. We combine our expertise in access with the multiple trades and professions of our technicians. Using Ropelink means that projects can often be completed in a fraction of the normal time and budgets can be more appropriately allocated to the core needs of projects.

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