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       Company Information What is Rope Access? Code of Practice & Safety Benefits of Rope Access

1. Ease of access - Industrial Rope Access provides fast and easy access to structures with minimal equipment requirements.

2. Speed of setting up and vacating sites - Industrial Rope Access systems can be set up and dismantled quickly, maximizing production whilst accommodating project constraints.

3. Minimal disruption to adjacent work areas and building operations -Access to structures is independent of site conditions such as nearby excavations, adjacent buildings, alleyways, train tracks, bridges or bodies of water. The use of Industrial Rope Access may obviate the need for road closures.

4. Flexibility and versatility - Project mobilization and demobilization is minimized because of the speed and flexibility of Industrial Rope Access techniques. This reduces costs and lead times. Special events or day-to-day activities can go ahead unaffected by building work. We provide more flexibility for using favorable weather conditions.

5. Security - Most equipment can be removed at the end of each day, reducing the potential of unauthorized access, theft or vandalism. Industrial Rope Access is statistically safer than scaffolding and uses fewer men.

6. ?Hands on? - During a given day, Industrial Rope Access allows closer tactile inspections and coverage of a greater area than other forms of access.

7. Building sensitivity - Industrial Rope access has minimal impact on building structures. It does not damage the fabric of a building which is especially important when working on historic buildings and allows them to function unhindered.

8. Cost effective ? Access is often a major cost of a project. The savings offered by Industrial Rope Access are considerable.

9. Efficiency ? Ropelink requires a high level of professionalism and self-discipline from our technicians so that we maintain our impeccable safety record.

10. Single point of contact for the client - as Ropelink provide both access and contracting. A single source reduces costs, provides easier site co-ordination and controls costs.

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