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Historic and High Rise


Ropelink have an enviable track record in working on historic buildings where conservation is a crucial factor. We offer an intelligent approach to your building conservation needs that has been demonstrated on some of the world's most prestigious buildings.

Day-to-day activities and events in buildings can normally continue unhampered by our activities, which is particularly important in city centers and prime tourist areas. Our methods require minimal load bearing which means that delicate masonry and gilding is not damaged whilst inspections and repair work is carried out. Small and efficient Ropelink teams in conjunction with architects or engineers as needed, can provide detailed documentation to evaluate historic structures. This is of benefit to:

  • Engineers and Architects ? obtaining the necessary information to determine the extent, nature and cause of distress is critical and a priority in evaluating and preparing design documents for repair.
  • Contractors ? detailed and clear design documents are necessary for submitting a competitive bid and implementing the repairs properly.
  • Owners ? controlling costs by minimizing change orders and schedules and minimal disruption on site are the priority.

Ropelink frequently provides training for engineers, architects or contractors to access the work area under the supervision and guidance of our technicians to allow observation or participation in projects. Alternatively, live closed cable TV links, digital photography and other appropriate means can be used to document and monitor the work.

High Rise Buildings

Maintenance and repair of the exterior fa?ades of buildings is required to minimise the rate of deterioration and avoid unsafe conditions. Exterior facades are exposed to the elements but proper maintenance of many buildings is often deferred. The potential threat to public safety brought about by this trend has caused several major cities to enact laws requiring periodic inspection, maintenance and repair of building facades. This potential threat has also prompted national organizations to develop and propose a unified standard for the inspection and maintenance of building facades. On many occasions, the threat of deteriorated, distressed or unsafe conditions may require immediate attention and Ropelink provides economical solutions by minimising mobilization costs, setting up and vacating sites quickly and reducing disruption to adjacent work areas. Fully equipped teams of Ropelink technicians can be mobilised to any site to attend to the emergency stabilzation and temporary repair of building facades.

Sample services include the following stabilsation and temporary repair services:

  • Spall removal/selective demolition
  • Installation of containment netting
  • Pinning and strapping
  • Installation of monitoring controls
  • Temporary repairs

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