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Ropelink Rock Solutions geotechnical team, often working in conjunction with experienced geotechnical consulting engineers, is able to provide individual solutions. Such solutions frequently encompass site investigation, design and stabilisation works. We provide the most experienced team of personnel and resources to meet the challenges of difficult access and the needs of rigorous environments. We provide cost effective Rock Solutions for your projects.

We have adapted cliff face drilling rigs and access platforms to undertake many challenging projects. In Europe, these techniques are recognised and approved by transportation authoroities, governing bodies and geotechnical engineering firms.

Ropelink Rock Solutions technicians use techniques such as crack-mapping, stereo-nets and sub-surface CCTV to collect and collate data. Findings are presented in reports supported by video, photographs and drawings.

Ropelink Rock Solutions have extensive experience of stabilising rock faces, soil slopes and retaining walls. Our technicians are able to generate technically sound, innovative and cost-effective solutions for our clients.

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